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Spring for Android Showcase


This showcase includes an Android client and a Spring MVC server. Together these illustrate the interaction of the client and server when using Spring for Android. This Android client project requires set up of the Android SDK. See the main README at the root of this repository for more information about configuring your environment.

Build and Run the Server

  1. Navigate to the server directory:

     $ cd spring-android-showcase/server
  2. Build the app:

     $ mvn clean install
  3. Deploy the .war to a Servlet 2.5 or > ServletContainer. This can be done via Maven on the command-line by running:

     $ mvn tomcat:run

Build and Run the Android Client

  1. Navigate to the client directory:

     $ cd spring-android-showcase/client
  2. Build the app:

     $ mvn clean install
  3. Start the emulator using the Android Maven Plugin:

     $ mvn android:emulator-start

    Alternatively, you can start the emulator using the Android command line tools:

     $ emulator @Default

    IMPORTANT: Ensure the emulator is fully initialized and ready or the deploy will fail.

  4. Deploy the app to the emulator:

     $ mvn android:deploy
  5. Start the sample app:

     $ mvn android:run

    Note: the Android Maven Plugin will attempt to deploy and run the app to all available devices, both emulators and physical devices attached to your computer.