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BluetoothLE abstraction for use with Xamarin projects, including Xamarin.Forms.
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Monkey.BluetoothLE - Beta

Monkey.BluetoothLE greatly simplifies the task of using BluetoothLE communications in Xamarin apps.

BluetoothLE overview


Please Note: Monkey.BluetoothLE is still a beta/work in progress and is not officially supported by Xamarin. It's a passion project put together by folks that love C# and Robotics. We're working on the docs as you read this. If you run into any issues, please file them on GitHub. Thanks for trying it out!


The Mobile Stack is built in C# and runs on iOS, Android, and UWP via the Xamarin platform and contains features for communicating with IoT devices and wearables (such as health monitoring devices) via BluetoothLE.

The following diagram illustrates the topology of the entire stack:

Stack Topography

Mobile Stack

The Mobile stack consists of three different parts:

  • Low-level Bluetooth LE (BLE) API - A cross-platform API (iOS and Android only right now) that supports communicating with BLE devices.
  • Low-Level Wifi API - A cross-platform API (iOS and Android only right now) that supports connecting to WiFi enabled devices. Note that the WiFi API is still in progress.
  • Messaging Framework - A high-level cross-platform protocol for messaging peripherals via WiFi or BLE.
  • Peripheral Libraries - Strongly typed libraries for communicating with various vendor-specific peripherals such as health monitoring devices, smart watches, and the like.

Documentation and Samples

API Documentation

Check out the API Documentation for reference and API browsing.



Bryan Costanich, Frank Krueger, Craig Dunn, David Karlas, Oleg Rakhmatulin, Adrian Stevens

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