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Sample code used in the Xamarin Seminars
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2012-01-26-CoreGraphics Added links to video and slides.
2012-02-09-Top5FeaturesOfICS Added copyright header.
2012-02-23-ThirdPartyLibraries Added samples
2012-03-08-MonoTouch_5_2 Samples from MonoTouch 5.2 seminar.
2012-03-22-iCloud update youtube & slideshare links
2012-04-05-MonoGame Added in MonoGame sample link
2012-04-19-CrossPlatformMobileDevelopment Added in Cross Platform sample application link
2012-05-17-MonoForAndroidIntro Added Mono for Android Intro seminar samples
2012-05-31-MonoTouchIntro Samples from MonoTouch intro seminar
2012-06-14-XamarinMobile Added in code examples for the last two seminars
2012-06-28-StylingYouriOSApps Added in code examples for the last two seminars
2012-07-12-MapKit Sample code from MapKit seminar
2012-07-26-DisconnectedMobileDevice Added in the Disconnected Mobile Device seminar
2012-08-09-PushSharp Added in PushSharp Seminar readme
2012-09-20-CoreAnimation Adding in Frank's CoreAnimation examples
2012-10-04-AndroidServices Sample from Android services seminar
2012-11-01-CollectionViews Sample from Intro to Collection Views seminar
2012-11-15-MonoGame3_0 Added in MonoGame 3.0 Seminar code
2012-11-29-BarcodeScanning Remove generic ZXing samples
2012-12-13-MVVMCross Adding assemblies
2012-12-20-DaysUntilXmas Update Readme
2013-01-24-PassKit Update 2013-01-24-PassKit/
2013-02-14-AndroidAnimations Added Intro to Android Animations code sample
2013-02-28-PracticalPushNotifications Added in Practical Push Notifications seminar
.gitignore iCloud seminar code samples
README Added in PassKit code links


Xamarin Seminar code examples:
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