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This directory contains various Xamarin workbooks to learn various APIs across Android, iOS and Windows.

To use, simply checkout this repository and open any of the .workbook files with Xamarin Workbooks

The examples are organized by categories:

  • SDK - This directory contains sample integrations and accompanying support materials for integrating with Xamarin Workbooks.
  • Azure - Samples showing how to use Azure services, like Cognitive Services and MobileServices
  • CSharp - Walkthrough various new features in the C# language
  • Graphics - The TinyRender graphics tutorial, 2D graphics with SkiaSharp and 3D graphics with Urho
  • Xamarin-Forms - cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms

Platform specific:

  • Android - Android workbooks
  • Mac - Mac workbooks
  • iOS - iOS workbooks
  • WPF - Windows WPF workbooks