Feature Roadmap

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This roadmap outlines our anticipated major feature releases in addition to proposed and planned ongoing service releases.

Disclaimer We cannot predict the future and how everything will shake out. Things will change. Timing may be adjusted due to priority changes, in pursuit of quality standards, or any number of other really good reasons that we will strive to proactively and openly communicate.

Current Version

Xamarin.Forms 3.0.0 is the current stable release. Bug Fixes and Quality improvements - Project Board

Release Timing

We are now working on a 6 week release cycle and as appropriate will align releases with Visual Studio in order to preserve the best experience when updating your environment.

vNext (May/June 2018)

Xamarin.Forms 3.1 is now available in pre-release. Release Notes

The F100 label refers to a list of enhancements to make things available in Xamarin.Forms that otherwise require writing platform code via effects, renderers, and platform specifics.

Feature Description Status
[F100] Bindable Span #1850 Completed
[F100] [Tizen] IsSpellCheckEnabled on Entry/Editor #2116 Completed
[F100] ListView SelectionMode #2143 #2206 Completed
[F100] [UWP] Icon on Tabbed Page #1952 Completed
[F100] Add EvaluateJavaScript method to WebView #2140 Completed
[F100] [iOS] Add shadow effect #1896 Completed
[F100] [Core, iOS, Android, UWP, WPF] Hide scroll view scroll bars #1910 Completed
[F100] Allow hooking into an App's DI Container #1870 Completed
[F100] Color on Slider #1781 #2065 #2072 Completed
[F100] [iOS Maps] Pin rendering customization #1065 Completed
[F100] [Core,iOS,Android] Color on Switch #1929 #2468 Completed
[F100] AutoCapitalization support for Entry/Editor #1833 #2116 Completed
[F100] Editor Auto Resize with Text Changes #2091 Completed
[F100] Added the Entry.IsTextPredictionEnabled property #2038 #2161 Completed
[F100] Add ButtonType for return Entry and done Editor #2029 Completed
[F100] [UWP] Button AccessKey #2061 Completed
[F100] ImageButton #1974 In Progress
[F100] Caret position and Color #2539 In Progress
[F100] Android Bottom Tab Bar #1748 Completed
[F100] Read-Only Entry Property #1972 In Progress
[F100] Underline and Strikethrough #2221 In Progress
[F100] GIF Animation Support #2202 In Progress
[F100] Span Gesture Recognizers #2173 Completed
[F100] Adding line height to Label and Span #2132 Completed

vNext2 (July/August 2018)

Feature Description Status
[F100] Page TitleView #2586 In Progress
[F100] Rounded Corners Issue Planned
[F100] Rounded Image Issue Planned
[F100] ProgressBar.Height Issue In Progress
[F100] Left-Align ToolBarItem Issue In Progress
[F100] InkWell Ripple Effect Issue In Progress
[F100] MaxLines on Label Issue In Progress
[F100] Size WebView to Content Issue In Progress
[F100] Button Padding Issue, Pull Request In Progress
[F100] UISlider set value Issue Completed
[F100] [iOS, Android] Floating Action Button Issue Planned
[F100] Button and Label Parity Issue In Progress
[F100] Allow overriding them captitalization on Android Issue In Progress
[F100] WKWebView on iOS Issue In Progress
[F100] PinsSource on Forms.Map Issue In Progress
[F100] Android WebView zoom controls Issue In Progress
Accessibility Improvements Adding direct support for focus order and tab index. Planned
CSS Improvements Needs feature spec Planned
Visual State Manager Improvements Needs feature spec. Add visual state triggers Planned
Gesture Recognizers Increase set of gestures supported. Planned

vNext3 (August/September 2018)

Feature Description Status
x:Bind In Progress
Lifecycle Events Make lifecycle events consistent and add missing events. Planned
macOS Improvements Continue working towards feature parity. Planned

Status Legend

Proposed This is something we want to do, but as yet it hasn’t been fully spec’d and scheduled.
Planned This is work we are in the process of defining and it has been scheduled.
In Progress Development work has begun.
In Review Primary development work has been completed and is currently being reviewed, but has not been merged.
Completed The work has finished, approved in review, merged and available on our Nightly feed.

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