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Feature Roadmap

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This roadmap outlines our anticipated major feature releases in addition to proposed and planned ongoing service releases.

Disclaimer We cannot predict the future and how everything will shake out. Things will change. Timing may be adjusted due to priority changes, in pursuit of quality standards, or any number of other really good reasons that we will strive to proactively and openly communicate.

Current Version

Xamarin.Forms 4.0.0 is the current stable release. Project Board

Release Timing

We are now working on a 6 week release cycle and as appropriate will align releases with Visual Studio in order to preserve the best experience when updating your environment.

4.1.0 (May/June 2019)

Feature Description Status
Material Styling Spec Proposed
[F100] Checkbox Spec Pull Request
[F100] MediaElement / MediaPlayer Spec Pull Request
[F100] CameraView Spec Pull Request
[F100] RadioButton Pull Request In Progress
[F100] LetterSpacing Pull Request In Progress
[F100] VisualStateManager Target Pull Request In Progress
[F100] Label HTML string Pull Request In Progress
[F100] Improved Lifecycle Events Pull Request Branch In Progress
[F100] Floating Action Button Proposed

4.2.0 (June/July 2019)

Feature Description Status
CollectionView Spec - Branch In Progress
CarouselView Spec Branch Proposed
Shell Flyout Footer Spec Proposed
Shell Flyout ContentTemplate Spec Proposed
Shell Transitions Issue - Spec Proposed
Shell Segues Issue Proposed
Shell TitleView Template level control of the entire experience. Proposed
Shell Top Tab Template Spec Needed Proposed
Shell Bottom Tab Template Need full control of styling individual tabs (center raised for example) Spec Needed Proposed
GlideX Spec Proposed
[F100] RelativeSource Binding Spec Pull Request
[F100] Transparent Navigation Bar Spec Proposed

4.3.0 (July/August 2019)

Feature Description Status
[F100] Rounded Corners Spec Proposed
[F100] Bordered Views Spec Proposed
[F100] GIF Animation Support #2202 Proposed
Gradients/Brushes Proposed

4.4.0 (August/September 2019)

Feature Description Status
[F100] Android Capitalization Override Spec Proposed

Status Legend

Proposed This is something we want to do, but as yet it hasn’t been fully spec’d and scheduled.
Planned This is work we are in the process of defining and it has been scheduled.
In Progress Development work has begun.
In Review Primary development work has been completed and is currently being reviewed, but has not been merged.
Completed The work has finished, approved in review, merged and available on our Nightly feed.
Cut This work has been removed from the release plan. It may be considered for a future release.

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