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Open Source Components for Xamarin

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Open Source Components for Xamarin are a collection of open source components (including bindings and plugins) created by Xamarin and others in the community.



Before building the libraries and samples in this repository, you will need to install .NET Core and the Cake .NET Core Tool:

dotnet tool install -g cake.tool

When building on macOS, you may also need to install CocoaPods:

# Homebrew
brew install cocoapods

# Ruby Gems
gem install cocoapods


You can either build all the libraries and samples in the repository from the root:

dotnet cake --name=<name-from-manifest>

Or, you can build each component separately:

cd <path-to-component>
dotnet cake

The name of each component can be found in the manifest.yaml. For example, to build the ARCore component, you can either start the build from the root:

dotnet cake --name=ARCore --target=nuget

Or, you can navigate to the folder and run it from there:

cd Android/ARCore
dotnet cake --target=nuget

The following targets can be specified using the --target=<target-name>:

  • libs builds the class library bindings (depends on externals)
  • externals downloads and builds the external dependencies
  • samples builds all of the samples (depends on libs)
  • nuget builds the nuget packages (depends on libs)
  • clean cleans up everything

Working in Visual Studio

Before the .sln files will compile in the IDEs, the external dependencies need to be downloaded. This can be done by running the externals target:

dotnet cake --target=externals

After the externals are downloaded and built, the .sln files should compile in your IDE.

Support & Getting Help

The following libraries are supported.

Name Description Source
Android Support Libraries Bindings for Google's Android Support Libraries GitHub
Google Play Services Client Libraries Bindings for Google's Play Services Client Libraries GitHub
Google API's for iOS Bindings for Google's API's for iOS Libraries GitHub
Facebook SDK's Bindings for Facebook's iOS & Android SDK's GitHub
Xamarin.Auth Cross-platform API for authenticating users and storing their accounts. GitHub

To get help, visit the Xamarin area of Microsoft Q&A.


Xamarin.Essentials gives developers essential cross-platform APIs for their mobile applications. Xamarin.Essentials exposes over 60 native APIs in a single cross-platform package for developers to consume in their iOS, Android, UWP, or Xamarin.Forms application. Browse through the documentation on how to get started today.

The repository for Xamarin.Essentials can be found at If you have any suggestions or feature requests, or if you find any issues, please open a new issue.