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API Changes

The switch from the C# port of this library is pretty painless, but there are several changes that you need to be aware of. We believe the switch to the native library is for the better for several reasons:

  • Official Google code
  • Google will keep it up-to-date with Android releases
  • Fixes several issues (crashes and leaks)

After switching, there will be a few compiler errors that you are most likely to hit:

  • Namespaces have changed to Google.Android.Vending.*
  • Licensing
    • AesObfuscator is now AESObfuscator
    • ApkExpansionPolicy is now APKExpansionPolicy
    • CallbackErrorCode is now LicenseCheckerErrorCode
    • PolicyServerResponse is now PolicyResponse
  • Expansion.Downloader
    • DownloaderService abstract members are now public
    • DownloaderService.Salt is now a method DownloaderService.GetSalt()
    • DownloaderState is now DownloaderClientState
    • ServiceMarshaller is now DownloaderServiceMarshaller
    • DownloadsDatabase is now DownloadsDB
    • DownloadsDB.GetDownloads() is now GetDownloadsList()
    • DownloadServiceRequirement is now DownloaderServiceRequirement
    • ClientMarshaller is now DownloaderClientMarshaller
    • ServiceFlags is now DownloaderServiceFlags

Although this is a few changes, the compiler will pick them all up and intellisense will find the replacement type.

If there are any missing members or changes in behavior, please open an issue so that we can rectify this.



  • All the namespaces have been merged into Google.Android.Vending.Licensing
    • Changed from LicenseVerificationLibrary to Google.Android.Vending.Licensing
    • Changed from LicenseVerificationLibrary.Policy to Google.Android.Vending.Licensing
    • Changed from LicenseVerificationLibrary.Obfuscator to Google.Android.Vending.Licensing
    • Changed from LicenseVerificationLibrary.DeviceLimiter to Google.Android.Vending.Licensing


  • Changed from AesObfuscator to AESObfuscator
  • Changed from ApkExpansionPolicy to APKExpansionPolicy
  • Changed from CallbackErrorCode to LicenseCheckerErrorCode
    • Changed enum item from ErrorNonMatchingUid to NonMatchingUid
  • Changed from PolicyServerResponse to PolicyResponse
  • Type ServerManagedPolicy no longer has prroperty setters
    • Method ServerManagedPolicy.ResetPolicy() is no longer available



  • All the namespaces have been merged into Google.Android.Vending.Expansion.Downloader
    • Changed from ExpansionDownloader to Google.Android.Vending.Expansion.Downloader
    • Changed from ExpansionDownloader.Client to Google.Android.Vending.Expansion.Downloader
    • Changed from ExpansionDownloader.Database to Google.Android.Vending.Expansion.Downloader
    • Changed from ExpansionDownloader.Service to Google.Android.Vending.Expansion.Downloader


  • Changed from ClientMarshaller to DownloaderClientMarshaller
  • Changed from ClientMessages to DownloaderClientMarshallerMessage
  • Changed from ClientMessageParameters to DownloaderClientMarshallerParameter
  • Changed from DownloaderState to DownloaderClientState
  • Type DownloaderService
    • Abstract members are now public instead of protected
    • Property Salt is now a method GetSalt()
  • Changed from DownloaderServiceActions to DownloaderServiceAction
  • Changed from ControlAction to DownloaderServiceControlAction
  • Changed from ServiceFlags to DownloaderServiceFlags
    • Changed enum item from FlagsDownloadOverCellular to DownloadOverCellular
  • Changed from ServiceMarshaller to DownloaderServiceMarshaller
  • Changed from ServiceParameters to DownloaderServiceMarshallerParameter
  • Changed from NetworkDisabledState to DownloaderServiceNetworkAvailability
  • Changed from DownloadServiceRequirement to DownloaderServiceRequirement
  • Changed from ExpansionDownloadStatus to DownloaderServiceStatus
  • Changed from DownloadStatusExtras to DownloaderServiceStatusExtras
  • Changed from DownloadsDatabase to DownloadsDB
    • Type DownloadsDB is no longer a pure static type
      • The database is now obtained by DownloadsDB.GetDB(), so DownloadsDB.GetDownloads() now becomes DownloadsDB.GetDB().GetDownloads()
    • Method GetDownloads() will return null if there are no downloads
    • Method DownloadsDB.GetDownloadsList() will function the same as the old DownloadsDatabase.GetDownloads()