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This is a local copy of Sharpen (based of commit 2446d365 from lluis), with local additions
and modifications.

We are only using sharpen.core, with a custom version of the builder and ui plugins.

To install in Eclipse:
* Go to Help / Install New Software
* Add / Local, specify location of the sharpen.site directory
  (like /work/workspace/XobotOS/sharpen/sharpen.site), choose a
  name of your choice (for instance "Local Sharpen")
* In the "Available Software" dialog, "Work With" should now point
  to the newly added repository.
* Select "Sharpen", install

To update the Plugin:
* Update the module from Github
* In Eclipse, go to Help / Check for Updates,
  this should automatically

To manually update:
* Open sharpen.site/site.xml in Eclipse, this should open the
  "Site Manifest Editor"
* Select "Site Map".
* In the listbox, you should see the latest version of the plugin,
  for instance "sharpen (
* Right-click, then remove it
* Click on "Add feature", then type "sharpen" into the dialog that
* Select "sharpen (1.0.0.qualifier)"
* Click on "Build All".
* File / Save All