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Communicate Between Master and Detail Controllers
This recipe shows how to wire up the master view in a UISplitViewController so that a new selection will change the contents of the detail view.


When a selection is made in the master view the detail view should be updated accordingly (and if the master view is in a popover, the popover should be automatically dismissed). This recipe shows how to communicate between the master and detail views to make that happen.

To get row selection in the master view to change the detail view:

  1. Start with an existing implementation of UISplitViewController (such as the Using a Split View to Show Two Controllers recipe).
  1. Add an event handler and an EventArgs subclass to the MasterViewController which will be used to communicate with the detail view:
public event EventHandler<RowClickedEventArgs> RowClicked;

public class RowClickedEventArgs : EventArgs
       public int Item { get; set; }

       public RowClickedEventArgs(int item) : base()
       { this.Item = item; }
  1. Add a delegate to each row in the MasterViewController constructor, when clicked it will call the RowClicked event handler passing a new RowClickedEventArgs containing information about the row that was clicked.
Root = new RootElement ("Items") {
    new Section () {
        from num in Enumerable.Range (1, 10)
        select (Element) new MonoTouch.Dialog.StringElement("Item " + num,
        delegate {
            if (RowClicked != null)
                RowClicked (this, new RowClickedEventArgs(num));
  1. Add a public property Popover to the DetailViewController so that we can track when it is showing and hide it when a selection is made:
public UIPopoverController Popover {get;set;}
  1. Create an Update() method in the DetailViewController which will be called when a new selection is made in the master view:
public void Update (string text) {
       label.Text = String.Format (content, text);
       // dismiss the popover if currently visible
       if (Popover != null)
              Popover.Dismiss (true);
  1. Attach a handler to the RowClicked event to the MasterViewController in the SplitViewController. This lets the SplitViewController act as the go-between, listening for RowClicked events that happen in the master view, and calling the Update() method in the detail view:
masterView.RowClicked += (object sender, MasterViewController.RowClickedEventArgs e) => {
    detailView.Update (e.Item);
  1. Finally, set the new DetailViewController Popover property whenever the SplitViewController shows or hides the popover. This will allow the DetailViewController to dismiss the popover when a selection is made:
WillHideViewController += (object sender, UISplitViewHideEventArgs e) => {
       detailView.Popover = e.Pc;

WillShowViewController += (object sender, UISplitViewShowEventArgs e) => {
       detailView.Popover = null;
       detailView.RemoveContentsButton ();

Additional Information

In this example we just pass an int value from the selected row to the detail view, however you can modify the RowClickedEventArgs to pass whatever information you need.

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