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Detect if Network is Available
This recipe shows how to detect the type of network connection that is in use.
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Reachability Sample


The Reachability sample provides a static class named Reachability that can be used to determine network status. Add a copy of this class to your project, and then use the static methods it provides.

  • To see if a web site is available you can check like this:
if(!Reachability.IsHostReachable("")) {
    // Put alternative content/message here
    // Put Internet Required Code here
  • To check what type of internet connection is available, use the static method Reachability.InternetConnectionStatus():
NetworkStatus internetStatus = Reachability.InternetConnectionStatus();

Reachability.InternetConnectionStatus returns the enum NetworkStatus which provides some information about the network connection that will be used for internet connectivity:

public enum NetworkStatus
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