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Google APIs for Xamarin

Quickly add access to Google's APIs to your Mono for Android app!

To get started with the Google APIs, you'll need to register your app as a web application and obtain your client ID at the Google API Console.

A set of generated APIs are included, but additional or newer versions of the APIs may be available at Google API .NET client WIKI.

Before you can access the APIs, the user will need to login to Google. You'll need to supply your Client ID, the redirect URI you supplied to Google, and the scopes you're requesting. Each API has a set of scopes that will enable you to access certain functionality.

var auth = new Google.Apis.Authentication.OAuth2.GoogleAuthenticator (ClientID,
				new Uri (""),

// When we're authenticated, we'll show the tasks from the default list
Action showTasks = () =>
	var service = new Google.Apis.Tasks.v1.TasksService (auth);

	// get the tasks from the default task list
	var tasks = service.Tasks.List("@default").Fetch();
	foreach (var task in tasks.Items)
		Console.WriteLine (task.Title);

// We don't want to have to login every time, so we'll use the Xamarin.Auth AccountStore
AccountStore store = AccountStore.Create (this);
Account savedAccount = store.FindAccountsForService ("google").FirstOrDefault();
if (savedAccount != null)
	this.auth.Account = savedAccount;
	this.auth.Completed += (sender, args) =>
		if (args.IsAuthenticated)
			// Save the account for the future
			store.Save (args.Account, "google");
			RunOnUiThread (showTasks);
		else // Authentication failed
			Toast.MakeText (this, "Error logging in", ToastLength.Long).Show();

	Intent authIntent = this.auth.GetUI (this);
	StartActivity (authIntent);

Intent loginIntent = auth.GetUI (this);
StartActivity (loginIntent);