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Google Play Services / Firebase / ML Kit for Xamarin.Android

Xamarin creates and maintains Xamarin.Android bindings for Google Play Services, Firebase, and ML Kit.

What is Google Play Services / Firebase / ML Kit

Google Play Services, Firebase, and ML Kit (GPS/FB/ML) are a set of libraries that allow Android apps to take advantage of Google APIs and services.

Binding Policies

  • This repository binds over 140 GPS/FB/ML libraries that are published to The full package list can be found in config.json.
  • GPS/FB/ML Java artifacts come from Google's Maven Respository.
  • Google's release notes for GPS/FB/ML libraries are available here.
  • The major/minor/patch version numbers are the GPS/FB library version prefixed with a 1. For example, the NuGet Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Maps 117.0.1 binds version 17.0.1 of the GPS library
    • The revision version number is used when a new NuGet needs to be built but the GPS/FB/ML library has not been updated.
  • We endeavor to release updated NuGets within a month after new GPS/FB/ML releases, however large changes occasionally require more time.
  • In general, we do not bind pre-release libraries. As their API is not stable yet, it results in too much rework.


The license for this repository is specified in

The externals build task downloads some external dependencies from Google which are licensed under and subject to the terms of Android Software Development Kit License Agreement


Instructions for building this repository are specified in

Contribution Guidelines

The Contribution Guidelines for this repository are listed in

.NET Foundation

This project is part of the .NET Foundation