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How to build the entire package from source


- Android SDK.
  - Environment variable ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/the/sdk
  - Environment variable PATH must contain $ANDROID_HOME/tools
- Oracle JDK 1.6. To generate supported format of JavaDoc you cannot use 1.7.
- Gradle (verified build with 1.6).
  - Maven build task depends on its existence in your PATH.
- Apache Ant to build the library project zip.
- Apache Maven 3.0 to build the library in its own manner and then Javadoc.

Build steps

Download ActionBarSherlock v4.4.0 from github:

Extract it under this directory.

Go to JakeWhatron-ActonBarSherlock-whatever directory.

Edit pom.xml and replace <version>3.5.3</version> with

Run: mvn verify javadoc:aggregate-jar

Go to actionbarsherlock dir.

Run the following commands:

	android update project -p .
	ant debug
	zip -r bin/classes.jar bin/AndroidManifest.xml res 

Copy to ../../ActionBarSherlock/Jars
(Note that "../.." is *this* directory)

Edit ActionBarSherlock/ActionBarSherlock.csproj and look for <JavaDocPath>
and ensure that the path specicifed there exists and points to API reference.
It might give different path (especially JakeWharton-whatever hash part).

(The API Reference is generated by Maven, and it is important to provide
parameter names).

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