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Resource.Id.picture and Resource.Id.info are dynamically generated as static fields while they must be const in switch-case expressions. Replaced with simple if-elseif. The issue was reported here https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=23176
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Camera2 Basic Sample

This sample demonstrates how to use the new Camera2 APIs to render a preview of a camera's viewport, capture an image and save it to the device's storage.


  • Touch the Picture button to take a photo that will automatically be saved on your device.

  • Touch the info button to find out a little bit more about the app.

  • Requires a device with a rear facing camera

Build Requirements

Using this sample requires a device that is Android L or later and Xamarin.Android 4.17 or later.


Copyright (c) 2005-2008, The Android Open Source Project
Ported to Xamarin.Android by Christopher Blackman