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A place to host various MonoTouch.Dialog.Elements that users can use.


Shows a row with a colored badge


A simple element that provides multi-line editing


The CounterElement is used to get user input for decimal values and is intialized with two string values: the caption for the entry and the current value. Both values are required. The initial numeric value may be the empty string.

When the CounterElement is selected, the numeric value is displayed with a picker providing a wheel for each of the digit positions. An additional wheel is shown at the left, allowing the number to grow with one digit position. This leftmost wheel has a blank instead of a 0.

So 12.50 will be shown with as a picker with 5 wheels having values blank, 1, 2, 5 and 0. When e.g. 6 is selected with the leftmost wheel, the value becomes 612.50 and subsequent selects will show a picker with 6 wheels having values blank, 6, 1, 2, 5 and 0. If now the 6 and 1 are set to zero, the value becomes 2.50 and subsequent selects will show a picker with 4 wheels with values blank, 2, 5 and 0.

The decimal wheels have a lightgrey background. Decimal wheels will only be present if the input value contains a decimal point (, or .) and the number of decimal wheels is fixed as indicated by the initial value.

This element was contributed by Guido Van Hoecke.

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