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using System;
using CoreAnimation;
using CoreGraphics;
using Foundation;
using ObjCRuntime;
using UIKit;
using CoreGraphics;
namespace ZoomingPdfViewer {
public class PdfScrollView : UIScrollView {
// main, visible, pdf view
TiledPdfView pdfView;
// temporary, while zooming, view
TiledPdfView oldPdfView;
// low resolution bitmap using until 'pdfView' is ready
UIImageView backgroundImageView;
// global reference to the PDF document/page
CGPDFDocument pdf;
CGPDFPage page;
nfloat scale;
public PdfScrollView (CGRect frame)
: base (frame)
ShowsVerticalScrollIndicator = false;
ShowsHorizontalScrollIndicator = false;
BouncesZoom = true;
DecelerationRate = UIScrollView.DecelerationRateFast;
BackgroundColor = UIColor.Gray;
MaximumZoomScale = 5.0f;
MinimumZoomScale = 0.25f;
// open the PDF file (default directory is the bundle path)
pdf = CGPDFDocument.FromFile ("Tamarin.pdf");
// select the first page (the only one we'll use)
page = pdf.GetPage (1);
// make the initial view 'fit to width'
CGRect pageRect = page.GetBoxRect (CGPDFBox.Media);
scale = Frame.Width / pageRect.Width;
pageRect.Size = new CGSize (pageRect.Width * scale, pageRect.Height * scale);
// create bitmap version of the PDF page, to be used (scaled)
// when no other (tiled) view are visible
UIGraphics.BeginImageContext (pageRect.Size);
CGContext context = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext ();
// fill with white background
context.SetFillColor (1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f);
context.FillRect (pageRect);
context.SaveState ();
// flip page so we render it as it's meant to be read
context.TranslateCTM (0.0f, pageRect.Height);
context.ScaleCTM (1.0f, -1.0f);
// scale page at the view-zoom level
context.ScaleCTM (scale, scale);
context.DrawPDFPage (page);
context.RestoreState ();
UIImage backgroundImage = UIGraphics.GetImageFromCurrentImageContext ();
UIGraphics.EndImageContext ();
backgroundImageView = new UIImageView (backgroundImage);
backgroundImageView.Frame = pageRect;
backgroundImageView.ContentMode = UIViewContentMode.ScaleAspectFit;
AddSubview (backgroundImageView);
SendSubviewToBack (backgroundImageView);
// Create the TiledPDFView based on the size of the PDF page and scale it to fit the view.
pdfView = new TiledPdfView (pageRect, (float)scale);
pdfView.Page = page;
AddSubview (pdfView);
// no need to have (or set) a UIScrollViewDelegate with MonoTouch
this.ViewForZoomingInScrollView = delegate {
// return the view we'll be using while zooming
return pdfView;
// when zooming starts we remove (from view) and dispose any
// oldPdfView and set pdfView as our 'new' oldPdfView, it will
// stay there until a new view is available (when zooming ends)
this.ZoomingStarted += delegate {
if (oldPdfView != null) {
oldPdfView.RemoveFromSuperview ();
oldPdfView.Dispose ();
oldPdfView = pdfView;
AddSubview (oldPdfView);
// when zooming ends a new TiledPdfView is created (and shown)
// based on the updated 'scale' and 'frame'
ZoomingEnded += delegate (object sender, ZoomingEndedEventArgs e) {
scale *= e.AtScale;
CGRect rect = page.GetBoxRect (CGPDFBox.Media);
rect.Size = new CGSize (rect.Width * scale, rect.Height * scale);
pdfView = new TiledPdfView (rect, (float)scale);
pdfView.Page = page;
AddSubview (pdfView);
public override void LayoutSubviews ()
base.LayoutSubviews ();
// if the page becomes smaller than the view's bounds then we
// center it in the screen
CGSize boundsSize = Bounds.Size;
CGRect frameToCenter = pdfView.Frame;
if (frameToCenter.Width < boundsSize.Width)
frameToCenter.X = (boundsSize.Width - frameToCenter.Width) / 2;
frameToCenter.X = 0;
if (frameToCenter.Height < boundsSize.Height)
frameToCenter.Y = (boundsSize.Height - frameToCenter.Height) / 2;
frameToCenter.Y = 0;
// adjust the pdf and the bitmap views to the new, centered, frame
pdfView.Frame = frameToCenter;
backgroundImageView.Frame = frameToCenter;
// this is important wrt high resolution screen to ensure
// CATiledLayer will ask proper tile sizes
pdfView.ContentScaleFactor = 1.0f;
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