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Play Audio
This recipe shows how to play audio from a raw resource using the MediaPlayer class.


  1. Create a new Xamarin.Android application named PlayAudio.

  2. Add a sub folder named raw under Resources.

  3. Add a file named test.mp3 under raw.

  4. In the Activity, create a class variable for the MediaPlayer.

MediaPlayer _player;
  1. In the OnCreate method, call MediaPlayer.Create(), passing the context and the resource identifier for the mp3.
_player = MediaPlayer.Create(this, Resource.Raw.test);
  1. Call the Start method of the MediaPlayer.

Additional Information

When the audio to play is included as a resource, the MediaPlayer.Create method can be used to set up the data source to the audio file and prepare the player for playback automatically. If the audio were at a location such as on the web or an SD card, the application would have to set the datasource and call Prepare (or PrepareAsync) before starting playback.