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Step Through Code
This recipe shows how to step into, over, and out of functions.


  1. Put your IDE into Debug mode, and set a breakpoint at the point in the code where you want to start stepping from:

  1. On the top left, you will see four gray icons with arrows and dots:

In Visual Studio, the controls look the same except the arrows are blue:

You have four options here:

  • Play will begin running the code.
  • Step over and Step into execute the next line of code. If the next line of code is a function call, Step over will execute the entire function and stop at the next line of code outside it. Step into will stop at the first line of code inside the function.
  • Use Step out if you are inside a function, and want to move on to the next function.
  1. The following screenshot illustrates stopping at the first breakpoint, and stepping into the next function: