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Create an Animation Block
This recipe shows how to animate using blocks from Xamarin.iOS.


Follow these steps to create the animation:

  • Add an image named Icon.png to the project with a Build Action of Content.
  • Add the following using directives:
using CoreGraphics;
  • In a UIViewController subclass create class variables for a UIImageView, UIImage and point.
CGPoint pt;
UIImage image;
UIImageView imageView;
  • In the ViewDidLoad method, create the UIImageView, assign it a UIImage and add it as a subview.
imageView = new UIImageView(new CGRect (50, 50, 57, 57));
image = UIImage.FromFile("Icon.png");
imageView.Image = image;
  • Set the point to the Center property of the UIImageView.
pt = imageView.Center;
  • Call UIView.Animate and pass the duration, delay, animation options, and lambda expressions for the animation code and animation completion code.
UIView.Animate (2, 0, UIViewAnimationOptions.CurveEaseInOut | UIViewAnimationOptions.Autoreverse,
				() => {
					imageView.Center =
						new CGPoint (UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds.Right - imageView.Frame.Width / 2, imageView.Center.Y);},
				() => {
					imageView.Center = pt; }

Additional Information

Objective-C blocks are bound to NSAction delegates in C#. Therefore, lambda expressions can be used to define the code that will be called for the animation as well as the animation completion callback.