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Make the Nav Bar Disappear
This recipe shows how to hide the navigation bar.


  1. To hide the Navigation Bar use SetNavigationBarHidden (the first parameter controls visibility, the second parameter indicates whether the change should be animated):
NavigationController.SetNavigationBarHidden (true, true);
  1. To show the Navigation Bar:
NavigationController.SetNavigationBarHidden (false, true);

These screenshots of the sample code show the Nav Bar disappearing. The behavior is slightly different depending on whether the Nav Bar is opaque or translucent

Additional Information

Sometimes when you want to hide the Nav Bar you might also want to hide the Status Bar (where the carrier, time and battery info is displayed). To hide the Status Bar with animation:

UIApplication.SharedApplication.SetStatusBarHidden (true, true);

To show it again:

UIApplication.SharedApplication.SetStatusBarHidden (false, true);