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Create a Transparent Region in a View
This recipe shows how to create a transparent region within a view.


The following UIView subclass fills a path transparently, creating a cutout that displays the superview within the fill area of the path (which is a triangle in this case):

public class TransparentRegionView : UIView
  public TransparentRegionView ()
    BackgroundColor = UIColor.Clear;
    Opaque = false;

  public override void Draw (CGRect rect)
    base.Draw (rect);

    var gctx = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext ();

    // setting blend mode to clear and filling with
    // a clear color results in a transparent fill
    gctx.SetFillColor (UIColor.Purple.CGColor);
    gctx.FillRect (rect);

    gctx.SetBlendMode (CGBlendMode.Clear);
    UIColor.Clear.SetColor ();

    // create some cutout geometry
	var path = new CGPath ();	
	path.AddLines(new CGPoint[]{
		new CGPoint(100,200),
		new CGPoint(160,100), 
		new CGPoint(220,200)});	


Additional Information

Using CGBlendMode.Clear together with setting a clear color results in the transparent fill, as shown in the example.