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Use CoreMotion with Accelerometer
This recipe shows how to use the Core Motion framework to receive data from the accelerometer.


Create an instance of CoreMotion.CMMotionManager, and begin listening to updates from the Accelerometer with the method StartAccelerometerUpdates:

The following code snippet will display the accelerometer data for each axis in UILabels:

motionManager = new CMMotionManager ();
motionManager.StartAccelerometerUpdates (NSOperationQueue.CurrentQueue, (data, error) =>
       this.lblX.Text = data.Acceleration.X.ToString ("0.00000000");
       this.lblY.Text = data.Acceleration.Y.ToString ("0.00000000");
       this.lblZ.Text = data.Acceleration.Z.ToString ("0.00000000");

The first parameter, data is a CMAccelerometerData instance holding the accelerometer data for the event.

Additional Information

The CoreMotion.CMMotionManager class is a gateway to the motion services provided by iOS. An application should only have a single instance of the CMMotionManager class.

The iOS simulator has no support for the features from Core Motion – the code may only be tested on a device.