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Enable or Disable Airplay
This recipe shows how to enable (or disable) AirPlay when playing a video using MPMoviePlayerController.


ℹ️ Note: In iOS 8 and above, the airplay button will no longer appear in playback controls. Airplay can be enabled or disabled in the control center.

  • Add the following class variable in a UIViewController subclass:
MPMoviePlayerController moviePlayer;
  • Add a movie file named sample.m4v to the project in Xamarin or Visual Studio. There is a sample file included in the example project.
  • Ensure that the Build Action property of the file is set to Content.
  • In the ViewDidLoad method, create the MPMoviePlayer:
moviePlayer = new MPMoviePlayerController (NSUrl.FromFilename("sample.m4v");
moviePlayer.View.Frame = View.Bounds;
moviePlayer.ShouldAutoplay = true; // starts automatically
moviePlayer.PrepareToPlay (); //required to enable the control to start playing
  • To enable AirPlay for this movie, set AllowsAirPlay to true:
moviePlayer.AllowsAirPlay = true;
  • To disable AirPlay, set AllowsAirPlay to false:
moviePlayer.AllowsAirPlay = false;