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Using SysSound
Simple sounds and alerts can be generated by System Sound Services using the SystemSound class in the AudioToolBox namespace. This recipe demonstrates how to use this class to make a sound, an alert (includes a sound and a vibration), and a vibration.

SysSound Screen


First, create a Single View Application for Xamarin.iOS.

This will create a template application which includes a Storyboard called MainStoryboard.storyboard. Let's use this to create three buttons. Drag three buttons from the Toolbox, and give them the following Name and Title:

  • playSystemButton / Play System Sound
  • playAlertButton / Play Alert Sound
  • VibrateButton / Vibrate

Next, add your desired sound file to the project directory, making sure to set the Build Action to BundleResource.

Declare a NSUrl variable and a SystemSound variable in our MainViewController class, as shown below:

NSUrl url;
SystemSound systemSound;

Once the variables are declared, assign your sound file to the url variable using the NSUrl object to reference your sound file in your ViewDidLoad() method:

url = NSUrl.FromFilename ("Sounds/tap.aif");

Next, generate a SystemSound instance to systemSound using our url variable:

systemSound = new SystemSound (url);

To play the sound when the playSystemButton is pressed, call PlaySystemSound() on our SystemSound instance on the button's TouchUpInside event.

systemSound.PlaySystemSound ();

To play an alert, which plays the sound as well as vibrates the device, call PlayAlertSound() on our SystemSound instance on the playAlertButton's TouchUpInside event.

systemSound.PlayAlertSound ()

To simply vibrate the device, call the PlaySystemSound() method on the Vibrate field of the SystemSound class, on the VibrateButton's TouchUpInside event.

SystemSound.Vibrate.PlaySystemSound ();

Additional Information

System Sound Services is meant to be used for UI sound effects and user alerts, rather than for sound effects in games. For devices that do not have a vibration element, the vibration constant does nothing. Additionally, the simulator does not handle vibration.