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Play a Video Using AVPlayer
This recipe shows how to play a video using an AVPlayer and AVPlayerLayer.

Example video playing on iPhone

  1. Add using AVFoundation; to the top of the class file.

  2. Add the following class variable in a UIViewController subclass.

    AVPlayer player;
    AVPlayerLayer playerLayer;
    AVAsset asset;
    AVPlayerItem playerItem;
  3. Add a movie file named sample.m4v to the project. There is a sample file included in the project download for this recipe.

  4. Ensure that the file's Build Action is set to Content. You can do this by right-clicking on the file and selecting Build Action from the context menu that appears.

  5. In the ViewDidLoad method, create an AVAsset and pass it to an AVPlayerItem.

    asset = AVAsset.FromUrl (NSUrl.FromFilename ("sample.m4v"));
    playerItem = new AVPlayerItem (asset);
  6. Create an AVPlayer and pass it the AVPlayerItem created above.

    player = new AVPlayer (playerItem);
  7. Create an AVPlayerLayer from the AVPlayer instance and add as a sublayer to the view’s layer.

    playerLayer = AVPlayerLayer.FromPlayer (player);
    playerLayer.Frame = View.Frame;
    View.Layer.AddSublayer (playerLayer);
  8. Call the Play method of the AVPlayer instance to play the video.

    player.Play ();

Additional Information

The AVPlayer is part of the AVFoundation framework and is available in the AVFoundation namespace.