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Multitasking & Location
Quick guides to performing tasks while the app is in the background and tracking the user's location.
  • Detect Multitasking - Detect if multitasking is available on the device, and enabled for your application.
  • Track Significant Location Change - Use Significant Location Changes Service to track changes in cell towers, and handle the result in the background.
  • Check Background Refresh Setting - Determine the background refresh setting programmatically.
  • Create Geofence - Geofences let you track a user's movement in and out of a geographical region. Geofences work by specifying a circular region - CLCircularRegion - and firing an event when the user crosses the CLCircularRegion 's boundary. A geofence subscribes to updates from the system's location manager, and will wake an application in the background to handle a boundary crossing event. This recipe explains how to set up a simple geofence.
  • Test Location Changes in Simulator - Some location APIs such as Significant Location Change and Geofences require big changes in location to trigger events. The iOS Simulator offers an easy way to test location APIs without leaving your desk.