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Configure Segments (UISegmentedControl)
This recipe shows how to create a UISegmentedControl.


ℹ️ Note: On iOS 7 and above, the UISegmentedControl styling has been deprecated.

To create a UISegementedControl:

  1. Create and position the control:
var segmentControl = new UISegmentedControl();
segmentControl.Frame = new CGRect(20,20,280,40);
  1. Add the segments and select the default:
segmentControl.InsertSegment("One", 0, false);
segmentControl.InsertSegment("Two", 1, false);
segmentControl.SelectedSegment = 1;
  1. Optionally handle the ValueChanged event:
segmentControl.ValueChanged += (sender, e) => {
    var selectedSegmentId = (sender as UISegmentedControl).SelectedSegment;
    // do something with selectedSegmentId

Additional Information

You can create a UISegmentedControl in Xcode by dragging one to the design surface and setting the Segment count and properties in the Attributes Inspector.