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Xamarin.iOS 8.6

Xamarin.iOS 8.6

Xamarin.iOS 8.6 is our first release to fully support the new unified API that allows fat 32/64 bits applications to be built from the same source/project files.

Additional IDE support comes from the new Xamarin Studio (5.7)

and [updated (3.9) VS support](../../../vs/xamarin.vs_3/xamarin.vs_3.9)

.The following document contains a list of the API changes from API changes from 8.4 to 8.6.

Major features

Unified API

Over the last year Xamarin invested a lot of time and energy to producing the new unified API and our main document on the subject has been updated with the latest information.

Note that building classic API application is still supported by Xamarin.iOS. However starting February 1st, 2015 Apple will require that all new iOS submissions to the App Store must include 64-bits support and be built using the iOS8 SDK (part of Xcode 6) or a later, stable release. To create such a fat application, including both 32bits and 64bits slices, you’ll need to update your application to use the new Xamarin.iOS unified API.

For references a list of the changes, minus namespaces, between our classicand unified API is available.

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.3

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.3 is a security update including important fixes for vulnerabilities and stability in the SSL/TLS networking stack. There is no API change in this release.

Bug fixes

  • [ssl/tls] Additional state validation for handshake (SKIP-TLS vulnerability) for both client/server code
  • [ssl/tls] Removal of EXPORT ciphers (FREAK vulnerability) for both client/server code
  • [ssl/tls] Removal of SSLv2 fallback (client side only, it was never supported on the server side)
  • [ssl/tls] Prevent crashes when a SSL/TLS connection is closed [#19334]

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.2

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.2 is a service release. The following document contains a list of the API changes from 8.6.1 to 8.6.2


  • [msbuild] Faster DetectCodeSigningIdenty when several several provisioning profiles are available

Bug fixes

  • [audiotoolbox] Fix AudioConverter memory corruption [#21940]
  • [foundation] Fix unable to cast object of type NSUrlSessionTask to NSUrlSessionUploadTask [#24961]
  • [x86_64] Fix double to int conversion (some cases were different from MS.NET) [#26219]
  • [linker] Bad optimization that could remove finally clause in bindings on ARM64 [#26256]
  • [uikit] Fix UIAppearance proxy class creation on ARM64 [#26353]
  • [arm64] Fix the loading of i1/i2/i4 arguments passed on the stack into registers [#26506]
  • [aot] Fix compile time assertion (liveness.c:637) on ARM64 [#26732]
  • [arm64] Fix float structs getting aligned to 8 bytes [#26900]
  • [registrar] Add support for arrays of INativeObjects to the static registrar [#26927]
  • [arm64] Fix NullReferenceException when using Rx on ARM64 [#26961]
  • [arm64] Remove dependence on private symbol _NSGetEnviron [#27456]

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.1

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.1 is a service release. The following document contains a list of the API changes from 8.6.0 to 8.6.1


  • [fsharp] Several constructors for native types are now public to ease their usage in F#

Bug fixes

  • [arm64] LLVM fix for reserved registers [#23885]
  • [msbuild] Some (storyboads/images) files might be missing from the app bundle [#25569][#26015][#26134][#26137]
  • [runtime] Fix for custom marshaler [#25891]
  • [x86_64] UIView.PointInside parameters bug on simulator only [#26002]
  • [arm64] Fix passing of vtypebyref arguments in gsharedvt trampolines [#26184]

Xamarin.iOS 8.6.0


  • [assetslibrary] Add parameters for ALAssetsLibrary.ChangedNotification
  • [coreanimation] Add CAAnimation.AnimationEvents property [#23803]
  • [coreanimation] SceneKit additions are available on iOS8 [#23820]
  • [corebluetooth] Add missing 'peripheral:didReadRSSI:error:' in CBPeripheralDelegate
  • [corefoundation] Add missing CFSocket callbacks [#17713]
  • [corefoundation] Add DispatchTime.WallTime property
  • [coregraphics] Add CGAffineTransform.TransformSize method
  • [coremedia] Add operator overloads for CMTime
  • [extensions] Extensions may be fat (32/64) even if the main app isn't [#23291]
  • [extensions] Set soft-heap-limit=8m for Today-type extensions
  • [foundation] Add support for passing INativeObjects to NSLayoutConstraint.FromVisualFormat [#23102]
  • [foundation] Add NSString.Empty constant [#23932]
  • [foundation] Add helper methods to NSMetadataItem to make it more pleasant to use
  • [foundation] NSDirectoryEnumerator: implement IEnumerable of string, NSString and plain
  • [generator] Produce better API for *Async method that uses an NSError [#21322]
  • [msbuild] Add -Xlinker flags for simulator builds to enable entitlements [#20448]
  • [msbuild] Add support for referencing other assemblies in binding projects [#23674]
  • [runtime] Use the new logging facilities in Mono to redirect log output to NSLog [#24021]
  • [scenekit] Add a 'string' overload for SCNNode.AddAnimation [#23223]
  • [scenekit] Add SceneKit additions to CAAnimation, e.g. Fade[In|Out]Duration properties [#23820]
  • [uikit] Add UIPopoverPresentationController.PopoverBackgroundViewType [#23372]
  • [uikit] Add [Protocol] on UIPopoverBackgroundViewMethods [#23372]
  • [uikit] UIDynamicAnimator now implements IEnumerable<UIDynamicBehavior>
  • Many more ObjC protocols types (including NSObjectProtocol) are now exposed

Bug fixes

  • [coreanimation] Workaround race condition during CALayer[Delegate] destruction [#15316]
  • [addressbookui] Preserve RespondsToSelector so this works on device [#16072][#23374]
  • [corlib] Add some missing memory barriers to the ConcurrentQueue methods to order memory operations [#22788]
  • [uikit] Fix binding for UIImage's animatedResizableImageNamed:capInsets:duration: [#23305]
  • [msbuild] Make sure to always collect generated files for compilation [#23328]
  • [addressbookui] Fix SelectPerson and PerformAction events on iOS8 [#23374]
  • [jit] Make each CASTCLASS_CACHE patch unique [#23478]
  • [linker] Preserve more dynamic caching infrastructure methods [#23483]
  • [objcruntime] Find BlockProxy attributes for optional members as well [#23540]
  • [jit] Implement #23021 fix for calls made from NEWOBJ too [#23557]
  • [mtouch] Do not throw an NRE on missing assemblies for Starter/Indie licences [#23602]
  • [uikit] Fix binding for UIApplicationDelegate application:didUpdateUserActivity: [#23672]
  • [mtouch] Fix path-with-space handling in the retro simulator support [#23766]
  • [corebluetooth] Fixed non toll-free bridge issue between CFUUIDRef and CBUUID [#23793]
  • Use zlib-helper.c from mono [#23798]
  • [mtouch] fat 32/64 (unified) applications must be strip'ped after being lipo'ed [#24116]
  • [mtouch] Fix linker (ld) error when assembly name doesn't match filename [desk #90367]
  • [llvm] Rewrite the way direct calls are made between llvm methods [#23976]
  • [mtouch] When for a missing symbol, only look in the current target [#24346]
  • [uikit] Mark UIApplication.BeginBackgroundTask (string, NSAction) as ThreadSafe [#24353]
  • [uikit] Add missing [iOS(6,0)] on some UILayoutFitting* constants [#24557]
  • [multipeerconnectivity] Enable the MCSession ctor when multiple certificates are supplied
  • [audiounit] Provide correct Find[Next]Component APIs (using ref)
  • Several fixes to the msbuild tasks used for unified an iOS8 features, including signing extensions

Important Notes

Apple Xcode 6.1 requires Mac OSX 10.9.4+ (Mavericks) or 10.10 (Yosemite).

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