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UrhoSharp samples

This directory contains various samples for the UrhoSharp engine and they can be compiled for Android or iOS, or can be executed on Windows and Mac with the published NuGet package.


Some of the samples here include:

  • FormsSamples
  • FeatureSamples
  • SamplyGame
  • HoloLens, ARKit, ARCore
  • Mixed samples

ARKit, ARCore and HoloLens

These directories contain samples for running UrhoSharp on HoloLens, ARKit and ARCore.
Also there is a mixed sample that shares a scene between iOS, Android and HoloLens (see Mixed/AR)

Screenshot Screenshot


The 'FormsSamples' solution demonstrates how UrhoSharp can be used in Xamarin.Forms applications as a View element.

Screenshot Screenshot


The toplevel FeatureSamples solution showcases 40 independent UrhoSharp features, each one showcasing a particular element of the framework and runs on all supported platforms.

Physics2D Water


The SamplyGame directory contains a more complete game, it is a sample inspired by the gameplay and artwork of ShootySkies and shows a more complete game in action, showing how to load assets, write game code and structure a game. It is our first game build with this, so be kind.



All solutions are structured to have their cross platform code written in the Core directory, where we build a portable class library. While we have taken the approach of using Portable Class Libraries, you can also used Shared Projects.

The structure of each solution is this:

  • Assets: Contains the shared assets that are used for the various samples.

  • Core: Contains the various samples, one for each feature that is being showcased and it happens to be a Portable Class Library project, so it can be reused as-is across all supported platforms.

  • iOS: Contains the iOS launcher.

  • Android: Contains the Android launcher.

  • Mac: Contains the Mac launcher (but works on Windows too).

  • WPF: Contains the Windows launcher based on WPF.

  • WinForms: Contains the Windows launcher based on WinForms.

To build the samples


Samples for the Urho bindings







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