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# xamarin-android Code Owners File
# GitHub uses this file to determine who to assign for reviews
# on pull requests. Please keep this file alphabetically sorted.
# References:
# These owners will be the default owners for everything in the repo.
* @jonpryor
# Order is important. The last matching pattern has the most precedence.
/build-tools/api-merge @jonpryor
/build-tools/api-xml-adjuster @jonpryor
/build-tools/debian-metadata @directhex
/build-tools/enumification-helpers @jonpryor
/build-tools/manifest-attribute-codegen @jonpryor
/build-tools/scripts/PrepareWindows.targets @jonathanpeppers
/build-tools/timing @jonathanpeppers @radekdoulik
/src/OpenTK-1.0 @radekdoulik @jonpryor
/src/Mono.Android.Export @jonpryor
/src/Xamarin.Android.Build.Tasks @dellis1972 @jonathanpeppers
/src/Xamarin.Android.NamingCustomAttributes @jonpryor
/src/Xamarin.Android.Tools.Aidl @jonpryor
/tests/TestRunner.* @grendello
/tests/BCL-Tests @grendello
/tests/CodeBehind @grendello
/src/Mono.Android/Xamarin.Android.Net @grendello
/build-tools/scripts/dependencies @grendello
# Android Designer team relies on the files in this directory,
# any changes there should be ran past them
/src/Mono.Android/java/mono/android/ @garuma @jonpryor
/tools/xabuild @jonathanpeppers @jonpryor
/tools/setup-windows @jonathanpeppers @jonpryor