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TodoLocalized (Xamarin.Forms Shared Project)

WARNING: requires a hack. not recommended unless the consequences are understood.

A complete application that demonstrates the localization concepts from this developer portal page, and its sample code.

This sample uses a Shared Project (rather than .NET Standard Library) for the common Xamarin.Forms code.

Making this work is a hack - you can no longer rely on the designer.cs file being auto-generated for the default resources, which breaks the strongly-typed AppResources. mechanism of accessing translated strings.

The differences between this Shared Project sample and the .NET Standard Library sample are:

  • The default namespace in each platform project was changed:

    • before: Todo.iOS, Todo.Android, Todo.UWP
    • after: TodoLocalized (all the same)

    normalizing the namespaces to a single value helps with the resource loading.

  • The Resx folder with RESX files was manually added to the Shared Project (from the existing .NET Standard Library sample). If you add a new Resource File from the IDE, you'll get an error message "Error: ResXFileCodeGenerator can only be used with .NET projects." For language-specific RESX files, simple click on the added file and in the Properties pad remove the "Custom Tool: ResXFileCodeGenerator" setting (leave it blank), and ensure the build action is set to Embedded Resource.

  • For the default resources AppResources.resx file - which normally would have the AppResources.designer.cs file auto-generated - you must manually keep the C# properties synchronized with whatever string elements you add to the resources XML��. This is going to be incredibly tedious and error prone, so using RESX localiztion with Shared Projects is not typically recommended unless you understand these limitations!

WARNING: the Universal Windows Platform project has not yet been completed.

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