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org.xydra.log doc/source formatting/log message wording
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Xydra is a generic, embeddable application data model that runs

  • seamlessly in Java (makes testing easy),
  • on Google AppEngine (GAE/J), and also via
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) as JavaScript in a browser.

Xydra Features

  • Persistence (currently: in-memory, in GAE data store)
  • Events (for all added, removed, or changed entites)
  • Commands (which can be serialized, too)
  • Transactions (over as many entities as you like)
  • Versioning (including a full change log)
  • Access Rights Management (with powerful resources hierarchies and nested user groups)
  • Synchronisation of state between client and server (in strict or relaxed mode)

Who needs Xydra?

  • Web developers who build rich web clients using GWT,
  • Cloud application developers who use Google AppEngine and need versioning of data and/or access rights,
  • Social application developers who need to sync several clients (in GWT or Java) on the same set of data,
  • Or developers needing all of that.

Get started

  • Get a Xydra5MinuteTutorial (see wiki)
  • Then check out the XydraBasics (see wiki).
  • Read ModuleOverview

If you plan on using Xydra, send me a message, and I can tell you, if it is a good fit for your project or not.

Source code projects that can be used without Xydra

These projects have no dependency to any Xydra component. They are used by Xydra, but they don't depend on Xydra.

  • RestLess - Fast-loading, lightweight Java REST framework for AppEngine -- boots very fast
  • XydraLog - Unified logging for Java, AppEngine and GWT
  • GaeMyAdmin - Easy-to-install AppEngine version to manage your live app in the browser - doesn't offer much :-)
  • XydraIndex - Multi-level index structures (e.g. triple index) that run also in GWT
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