A Polymake extension to compute slack factorizations from extended formulations and vice versa.
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This Polymake extension enables the user to
carry out the mapping of a polytope Q via a
linear map pi, resulting in a polytope P = pi(Q).
In such a scenario, Q (along with pi) is called
an extension of P. 

The slack matrix of a polytope P (given by
facets a_i^t*x + b_i >= 0 for i=1,2,...,m
and vertices v in V) is an m x |V| matrix
with entries S_{i,v} = a_i^t*v + b_i.

A nonnegative matrix factorization of S is
a factorization S = T * U such that
T and U are nonnegative matrices. The
rank of a factorization is the width of T
(which equals the height of U).

For every extended formulation P = pi(Q) there
exists a nonnegative factorization of S such 
that the rank is equal to #facets(Q).
On the other hand, every nonnegative factorization
of S implies the existance of an extension Q
with the same property.

This Polymake extension provides functionality
to compute the slack matrix of a polytope, carry
out such a projection yielding the two factors
and constructing an extension from a given factorization.

To use the extension, simply carry out the following command:

import_extension ("/unpacked/directory/");