A module to serialze python objects to json api compatible messages and also deserialize json api messages back to python objects.
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This framework is developed for you by xamoom in Austria with <3

xamoom-janus is a lightweight Python framework to easily build RESTful json:api webservices on top of frameworks like Bottle or Flask. It takes care of generating valid json:api messages from your internal python objects and also the other way round. You, as a developer, don't have to take care about rendering or parsing JSON any longer. Just work with your objects and let janus do the json:api magic.

Because janus is designed to be an extension to existing Python web frameworks this will basically work the same with other frameworks than Bottle or Flask, like CherryPy or Web2Py.

Example using Bottle

All you have to do is add a jsonapi decorator to your service method and let the service method return a JanusResponse object containing your python data object, or list of objects, and also your message class, that defines how your object is mapped to the json:api message.

@bottle.route('/posts/<entity_id>', method=['GET']) #Decorator to make use of Bottle.
@jsonapi(success_status=200,include_relationships=True) #Tell xamoom-janus to make this a json:api method.
def get(entity_id):
    #load object by given id from your data source
    post = Post.get_by_id(entity_id)
    #generate response using the post object and the message type it should be mapped to.
    resp = JanusResponse(
    return resp #simply return the message object. Janus takes care of the rest.

For more information please head over to the Wiki

Generate distr -> python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel