Demo App to showcase xamoom's ios SDK
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This app is a demonstration to show you, what you can do with the xamoom-ios-sdk from xamoom.

Getting Started

  • Read what the project is all about
  • Download the iOS App from the appstore and try it out
  • Look at our sourcecode, if you want to know how something works

What is is a project first created in Klagenfurt and now available in Carinthia, Graz, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. On yellow stickers spread over the whole cities, where you can discover local artists. To discover you have to scan the QR-Code or the NFC on the stickers and then you can enjoy new music, ebooks and more.

All this is build on the xamoom system.

The app has some features that are special:

  • You have to discover new artists, to enjoy their music, ebooks and more
  • Old artists cannot be discovered anymore
  • Around every sticker you have a 40 meter geofence, you can use to discover



  • Minumum iOS Target: iOS 8
  • Dependencies