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Welcome developers!

This is the right place to start for every developer, who want's to make use of xamoom's powerful service infrastructure in their own apps, websites, Skills for Amazon Alexa or anything else you can think of. If you do not know what xamoom is take a look at our website to inform yourself about it or contact us for further assistance.

Before starting to develop your own solution based on xamoom, you should ensure that you meet all the prerequisites and take a look at xamoom's core concepts.

Developing mobile Apps

If you are developing Apps for Android or iOS, we highly recommend that you use our mobile SDKs. There is seriously no good reason to implement your own communication layer with our API on your own. Just choose your platform below and start building.

Developing other solutions

The xamoom API can be used for a lot of things, like building a plugin for your CMS to integrate content managed in the xamoom CMS, or even building skills for Amazon Alexa, because most of the time you need a CMS, right? For these cases we offer direct access to our REST API. Below you can find all topics related to developing solutions using the API directly and without an SDK. Please do also note that you should read the Overall API Concepts and Core Concepts first and also inform yourself about Ephemeral ID TODO and Content Resons TODO, implementing both of these mechanisms is required for every solution to be accepted by our API.

Mandatory API mechanisms

No matter what you are building there are two mechanisms that YOU HAVE TO implement in order to use our API. Please read these two pages very carefully and implement these things in your solution. Otherwise you will be blocked from using the API.