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🎧 Spotify plugin for tmux
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Spotify plugin for tmux


Show a nice menu to manage Spotify application.




  • macOS
  • tmux >= 3.0

With Tmux Plugin Manager

Add the plugin in .tmux.conf:

set -g @plugin 'xamut/tmux-spotify'

Press prefix + I to fetch the plugin and source it. Done.


Clone the repo somewhere. Add run-shell in the end of .tmux.conf:

run-shell PATH_TO_REPO/tmux-spotify.tmux

NOTE: this line should be placed after set-option -g status-right ....

Press prefix + : and type source-file ~/.tmux.conf. Done.


Press tmux prefix + s (for example, C-a s) and you will see a nice menu:


* Copy URL        (c) - copy Spotify URL of the current track to the clipboard
* Open Spotify    (o) - open/launch Spotify
* Play/Pause      (p) - toggle play/pause
* Previous        (b) - play the current track from the beggining or play the previous track
* Next            (n) - play the next track
* Turn on repeat  (r) - switch on/off current playlist's repeating
* Turn on shuffle (s) - switch on/off current playlist's shuffling
* Close menu      (q) - close menu

Other plugins


tmux-spotify plugin is released under the MIT License.

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