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Updater script for Android Reverse Engineering Software belongs to ARE VM from the Honeynet Project

The Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E.) Virtual Machine, combines the latest Android malware analysis tools in a readily accessible toolbox.

Tools currently found on A.R.E. are:

  • Androguard
  • Android sdk/ndk
  • APKInspector
  • Apktool
  • Axmlprinter
  • Ded
  • Dex2jar
  • DroidBox
  • Jad
  • Smali/Baksmali

A github repo created by the A.R.E maintainer ( ) for easy installation and update, however the rapid development of each individual project does not sync with the update of the A.R.E github repo. This is why AREsoft-updater was created.

AREsoft-updater will check for the latest available version of each individual project/tool listed above and compare it with the local (installed) version in A.R.E. If newer version is available, AREsoft-updater will automatically download and install the update for your A.R.E

AREsoft-updater will require curl to work. Kindly install curl in your A.R.E virtual machine by typing sudo apt-get install curl

AREsoft-updater is released under WTFPL (Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License)


chmod +x