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My made from scratch static resume generator (deprecated)
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Programmer's Resume

What's the best way to utilize one of those fancy [my name].dev domains? What about a resume that is entirely rendered from JavaScript data!

The page is auto-generated from data.js file and populated to the index.html from script.js. The goal of the the script is to be dynamic and uncaring about the design of the data itself.

Feel free to fork this repository and replace the data.js file with your own. After you fork then you will need to go into settings and change the repository name to match [username] pattern with username being your github username. You will also need to remove CNAME file.

Getting Started

  1. Fork this repo
  2. run npm install. This will install project dependencies.
  3. run npm run dev. This will run the project and start it at localhost:1234.
  4. run npm run build. This utilizes a script from package.json to build the project for deployment.
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