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Use redux-saga with Vuex


redux-saga is an awesome library that aims to make side effects (i.e. asynchronous things like data fetching and impure things like accessing the browser cache) easier and better.

While originally targetting Redux, redux-saga is actually not strictly tied to redux and do not rely on any internals of it's implementation. Actually redux-saga could be used with Vuex with put effect commiting mutations

This library wraps redux-saga so it can be used as Vuex plugin. It's external interface is similar to middleware provided by redux-saga.


$ npm install --save vuex-redux-saga redux-saga


Live example on JSBin

import createSagaPlugin from 'vuex-redux-saga'

const sagaPlugin = createSagaPlugin();
const store = new Vuex.Store({
  // ...
  plugins: [ sagaPlugin ]

// launch your sagas



Creates a Vuex plugin and connects the Sagas to the Vuex Store

  • options: Object - A list of options to pass to the plugin. Currently supported options are:

    • sagaMonitor : SagaMonitor - If a Saga Monitor is provided, the plugin will deliver monitoring events to the monitor.

    • logger : Function - defines a custom logger for sagas. By default, saga runner logs all errors and warnings to the console. This option tells plugin to send errors/warnings to the provided logger instead. The logger is called with the params (level, ...args). The 1st indicates the level of the log ('info', 'warning' or 'error'). The rest corresponds to the following arguments (You can use args.join(' ') to concatenate all args into a single String).

    • onError : Function - if provided, the plugin will call it with uncaught errors from Sagas. useful for sending uncaught exceptions to error tracking services., ...args)

Dynamically run saga. Can be used to run Sagas only after sagaPlugin was added to instance of Vuex.Store.

  • saga: Function: a Generator function
  • args: Array<any>: arguments to be provided to saga

The method returns a Task descriptor.


saga must be a function which returns a Generator Object. See awesome redux-saga docs for more details


MIT © Illya Klymov


Vuex plugin to use redux-saga in project





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