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Share certain Vuex mutations across multiple tabs/windows using localStorage.

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$ npm install vuex-shared-mutations


import createMutationsSharer from 'vuex-shared-mutations'

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  // ...
  plugins: [createMutationsSharer({ predicate: ['mutation1', 'mutation2'] })]

Same as:

import createMutationsSharer from 'vuex-shared-mutations'

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  // ...
  plugins: [createMutationsSharer({ predicate: (mutation, state) => {
    const predicate = ['mutation1', 'mutation2']

    // Conditionally trigger other plugins subscription event here to
    // have them called only once (in the tab where the commit happened)
    // ie. save certain values to localStorage
    // pluginStateChanged(mutation, state)

    return predicate.indexOf(mutation.type) >= 0;
  } })]



Creates a new instance of the plugin with the given options. The following options can be provided to configure the plugin for your specific needs:

  • sharingKey <String>: The key used to share actions via localStorage. (default: vuex-mutations-sharer)
  • predicate <Array | Function>: Either an array of mutation types to be shared or predicate function, which accepts whole mutation object (and state) and returns true if this mutation should be shared.

How it works

When $store.commit is called, the plugin is invoked and saves the mutation object to localStorage. This triggers an storage event in all other tabs/windows (in the same browser, with the same site domain loaded), which then replays the mutation in that tab/window (during which the sync is turned off to disable recursion).


  • Fork
  • > git clone
  • > yarn (like npm install)
  • > yarn global add ava (test runner)
  • Make your changes to src/index.js
  • > npm run test
  • > npm run lint
  • If everything is passing:
    • Update
    • Commit and Make a pull request


MIT © Illya Klymov