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The Constitution of the Xank Decentralized Autonomous Organization

We the People of the Earth, in Order to maintain a sustainable Planet, establish Justice, insure world peace, provide for the common police, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Xank Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Xank shall accept decentralized funding proposals and fund projects in the following order of importance.

Article. I. Pollution Clause

Pollution is the biggest problem facing humanity right now. With over 8 billion people on this planet, the pollution problem is getting worse over time. We shall, at all costs, endeavor to reverse this course of polluting the planet.

Section. 1. Unclean Air

The toxic air we breathe in every day is slowly deteriorating our health and killing us. We shall attempt to cut down carbon emissions into the atmosphere by half by 2030 and a half again every 10 years until air pollution is completely eliminated.

Section. 2. Unclean Soil

Oil extracted fertilizers and pesticides are destroying the planet’s topsoil and contaminating the plant-based whole foods that we grow. We shall go back to all-natural fertilizers and pesticides to grow our foods.

Section. 3. Unclean Water

Our septic system is broken. We are mixing our manure, which is all-natural, with artificial chemicals and dumping it into our riverbeds, thus polluting our ocean water and destroying life within. We shall stop the pollution of our waters by deploying dry toilets.

Article. II. Discrimination Clause

Discrimination is the root cause of why we go to war with each other. We shall accept each other for whom we are instead of resorting to blind discrimination. Therefore, we shall foster cultural exchange to break down barriers and prevent war.

Section. 1. Ethnicity, Class System, or Disability

Having a disability or class system is hard enough as it is. We shall not compound the problem by throwing stones at those who are disabled or different. We did not choose to be born into a certain race, class, or country. We shall not hate each other just because we are of different skin color, speak a different tongue, or live in a different geographic region.

Section. 2. Religion or Ideology

We believe that humanity is good no matter what religion or ideology one has. We shall not hate based on diversity. Instead, we shall celebrate it.

Section. 3. Sex or Sexual Orientation

No matter whom you choose to be or you choose to love, that shall not be the yardstick with which we measure one's value. Everyone shall have the freedom to do what they believe is right for them, as long as what they do does not harm another individual.

Article. III. Oppression Clause

One human being shall not oppress another human being. No matter what relationship we are in with someone else, we shall treat each other with dignity and respect. We shall follow the golden rule and treat each other how we want to be treated.

Section. 1. War and Military Buildup

We already have more firepower to destroy this Earth one hundred times over. We shall stop allowing the governments to build their weaponry via the tax system they impose on us. We shall do this in a quiescent way, meaning we shall not resort to violence.

Section. 2. Inflation and Quantitative Easing

The world’s governments printed $20 trillion worth of money in the last 10 years. At this rate, we are going to experience an additional 90% inflation rate to what we have experienced in our lifetime. We shall provide an alternative to the inflationary systems of today's governments.

Section. 3. Systemic Corruption

Systemic corruption is rampant in all walks of life, from the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. to the bustling streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Corruption is everywhere, whether it is disguised as legal lobbying or takes the form of blatant bribes. We shall fight corruption by offer transparent funding for initiatives that require assistance.

Article. IV. Abuse Clause

Today, more livestock and pets live among us than the world's human population. While abuse to humans is bad, abuse to animals is often worse. We oppose abuse of any kind and will try our best to abolish it.

Section. 1. Human

We are leaving too many children in foster homes. Even though they don't share the same bloodline, they shouldn't be abused. And if we give a child the gift of loving parents, we can make him or her a great member of our society.

Section. 2. Animal

We are abandoning too many pets. Animal factories to satisfy human desires, not for the meat consumption must be regulated, and every effort must be made to ensure the quality protection and adoption of abandoned pets.

Section. 3. Slaughter

Even if it’s for harvesting meat, animals must not be abused. The dignity of all living beings must be preserved, and efforts must be made to maintain a clean environment and painless slaughter until their death.

Article. V. Consumption Clause

90% of the world’s population growth has happened over the last 100 years. At this rate, we cannot continue to produce and consume as we have due to the unsustainability of our current consumption habits. We shall aim to reduce our consumption drastically.

Section. 1. Overconsumption

We are throwing away much of what we buy in very short periods without properly using our goods. We shall be more responsible in our purchasing behavior so as to cut down on the waste we produce.

Section. 2. Big Houses

The house sizes of developed countries are ever-expanding. We do not need houses that are 200 square meters and bigger to live comfortably. Most of us can do fine within houses that are smaller than 100 square meters. The tiny house movement is a great trend towards this, and we shall support the movement for smaller houses.

Section. 3. Food Waste

Food stuck on the shelves of grocery stores, leftover banchan (side dishes) at restaurants, and over-ordered food for entertainment purposes are all food that can feed the 10% of the world's population who are going hungry every day. We shall not waste or overconsume food.

Article. VI. Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a UN Initiative. We believe that the mass adoption of Xank the cryptocurrency will yield better resource allocation throughout the world as the above articles are enforced. This will most likely solve many of the UN SDGs listed below, but if the SDGs are not naturally met, the following is the order of importance in which we shall fund efforts for UN SDGs.

Section. 1. No Poverty

In the world of abundance, poverty is a misallocation problem rather than a lack of resources. Currently, 5% of the global population is controlling 25% of the world’s resources. We need better distribution of resources around the world, not charity, to solve this issue.

Section. 2. Zero Hunger

There are more domesticated animals than there are humans living on this planet, and these animals are consuming more food and water than humans do. Instead of using our food and water to feed animals, we should instead feed our neighbors who are starving.

Section. 3. Good Health and Well-being

We believe that pollution, discrimination, oppression, and overconsumption are the biggest obstacles to good health and well-being. We shall restore the world by fulfilling articles 1 through 4 rather than continuing to destroy the Earth.

Section. 4. Quality Education

The "one size fits all" factory type of school system does not work. Rather than building more of these schools, we shall translate and dub more of Khan Academy type lesson videos and develop such curriculums instead.

Section. 5. Gender Equality

The gender gap in the workplace shall be eliminated globally. Equal voting power shall be instituted across all genders. LGBTQ marriages shall be legalized.

Section. 6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Most of us drink about 1 liter of water a day, but we are flushing more than 10 liters of water per day. That is perfectly drinkable water being thrown away when 1/3 of the world’s population is going thirsty. This is because we are still using wet toilets instead of dry toilets, which have been available for some time now.

Section. 7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Chernobyl and Fukushima taught us that the total cost of ownership of dirty energy is much greater than what initially meets our eyes. These disasters are not just Ukraine and Japan’s national problems - we shall accept the fact that they are global problems.

Section. 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

We shall stop overconsumption for the sake of consumption in order to keep the economy afloat. To stop destroying the only planet we have, we shall think about what sustainable consumption is. We throw away most of the things we buy within the first six months.

Section. 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

We shall not slow down the progress of artificial intelligence or robotic automation. Most of the jobs we are doing today will cease to exist within the next 20 to 30 years. We shall think about how to implement universal basic income for humanity.

Section. 10. Reducing Inequality

We shall work to abolish any class system in the local community and foster more cultural exchanges of music, food, cosmetics, conferences, arts, fashion, and sports so that our acceptance of each other increases.

Section. 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Tiny houses with minimal grid requirements shall be the norm rather than the exception going forward for sustainable living for cities and communities. This means fewer utilities, such as electricity, water, and gas, where off-grid utility shall be used.

Section. 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Everyone shall watch what they purchase. We shall ask ourselves at least three times why we buy something before purchasing it. If the answer is no at least once, then we shall not make the purchase.

Section. 13. Climate Action

We shall avoid the use of petroleum products at all costs. We shall aim to replace all gas automobiles with electric cars and trucks by the year 2030. We shall aim to replace all oil, gas, and nuclear generators with green energy sources by the year 2040.

Section. 14. Life Below Water

We shall aim to replace all flushing toilets with composting toilets by the year 2040. We shall aim to replace all wet septic systems with dry septic systems by 2030.

Section. 15. Life On Land

We shall aim to replace all petroleum-derived fertilizers and pesticides with natural sources by the year 2040.

Section. 16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Better allocation of resources will allow us to establish global standard institutions in second and third world countries. Tearing down walls and borders throughout the world will have a profound impact on peace and justice.

Section. 17. Partnerships for the Goals

We shall work hand in hand with the United Nations and other organizations around the world to achieve our goals.

We recognize that we need to survive as an economy first and foremost, as taught by the game of Go that is expressed in Korean as Asaengtasal (아생타살 我生他杀) before we can help realize the foregoing articles in our constitution. Therefore, any traditional efforts such as marketing, promotion, mass adoption, and software development of the Xank ecosystem will always come first before these articles since they are related to our very survival.