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The Declaration of Unification

We are one people living on this planet we call Earth. We are already unified virtually through the Internet, but we are still fragmented physically into two hundred countries because of the legacy political system of the nation states that we have inherited. We need to move away from these nation states to become one people for the first time in the history of humanity.

Although some functions served by nation states are still relevant, such as building necessary institutions and infrastructure including roads, waterways, airways, hospitals, police, and utilities, some elements, such as fiat currencies, national passports, democratic voting, and patent licensing, are outdated. As one people, we can do better than what currently stands.

To be unified in education, we need to do away with state sponsored schools that are killing our youth’s creative minds, desire to live, respect for elders, financial sufficiency, and so on. We should endeavor to turn existing schools into community learning centers where teachers are lifetime coaches and mentors. What should we do with existing lectures? Students can be far better served by Khan Academy style videos that are available in every language.

The one size fits all factory classrooms of the present must be eliminated, and we must organize classes by subject and level without any age restrictions or other limitations. We should abolish all standard exams because they are no longer relevant or effective. There should only be micro quizzes to test one's mastery of a subject at hand. Modern life is too complex to be taught in the factory classrooms invented some one hundred years ago.

To be unified in our consumption habits, we need to do away with corporate sponsored factory farms that are slowly killing our bodies, polluting the soil, contaminating the water, and carbonizing the air to the point where it is no longer safe for human beings. Today, more food and water is consumed by domesticated animals than actual humans when one-tenth of all humanity is starving to death. We are flushing away ten liters of perfectly drinkable water more than 5 times a day when one-third of all humanity suffers from the lack of clean water.

How did we get here? The richest country that has 5% of the world’s population is using up 25% of the world’s resources when two-thirds of its population is suffering from severe levels of obesity. Increasingly greedy hospitals and pharmaceuticals companies are giving us more drugs and procedures than we really need when eating healthier is what we need to do.

To be unified in creating a cleaner Earth, we must all work towards making this planet a better place to live. We believe the waste we produce everyday should go back into the soil rather than be mixed with toxic chemicals and dumped in the waterways to pollute our rivers and oceans. Human manure was used for thousands of years as a natural fertilizer in the East, but we are now using fossil oil derived chemical fertilizers that are destroying the soil. This has to stop.

One way to stop this is to replace all flush toilets in the world with composting toilets and get rid of the chemical septic systems we have in our homes and buildings. We also need to ban the use of chemical fertilizers and sanitizers all together. As harsh as this sounds, this is the only way we can go back to the natural state that fosters healthiness in our bodies and cleans up the planet.

To be unified in mind and spirit, we must acknowledge that many parts of our institutions all broken. Our financial system is broken. Our educational system is broken. Our medical system is broken. Our philanthropic system is broken. Our environmental system is broken. Our food system is broken. Our political system is broken. Most of these systems were designed more than a century ago, and they simply do not work in today’s society. Just like an elephant that has been tied to chains all her life, we tend to believe that we cannot break free from this.

We have enough resources to feed seven billion people on this planet, but we are misallocating these resources. There is enough fresh water to go around for all of humanity, but we are flushing it away with our waste. We have the brains and technology to architect a better education system, and we possess the ability to stop pollution with cleaner alternatives. We need to change our ways, and by doing so, we will make the world a better place. We want to rekindle a fire in people’s hearts that says that we now have the means to break free from our old habits.

To be unified, we must take action. We must stop feeding the bilateral cartels of the world’s governments and corporations by exchanging our fiat money for cryptocurrencies to virtually immigrate to a new digital native economy where the world is not fragmented into two hundred nations but exists as a single unified world. This is an immigration that only you can choose to do. While we did not choose where we were born, we can now make the decision to fight for a unified Earth.

Come, join us.

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