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These are all the Python files that generate

Requires Python 3.7.x. You will need to define a file which contains 3 strings; ftp_url, ftp_user, and ftp_pass.

Primary .py Files:

Crafting -- The main file.

MakeGuide -- Calculated the actual guides based on prices and recipes.

MyPrices -- Gathers pricing data for generating the guides. Primary resource is GW2 API. Replace "u'cost':sitem[u'sells'][u'unit_price']" with "u'cost':sitem[u'buys'][u'unit_price'] if sitem[u'buys'][u'unit_price'] > Items.ilist[item][u'vendor_value'] else sitem[u'sells'][u'unit_price']" on line 197 to create guides based on buy orders of materials instead of lowest sale price.

MyPrint -- Functions for generating human readable output.

Globals -- Initializes a couple global variables and provides a global function.

Gen_ifn -- generates the localized FAQ, nav and index pages.

Localxx -- Localized language files. Need to be updated by hand.

Create_recipes -- creates all the secondary .py files you will need. A recent snapshot of those files is included.

Secondary .py Files:

Armorsmith, Artificer, Chef, Chef_karma, Huntsman, Jeweler, Leatherworker, Tailor -- Contain all recipes used by indexed by itemid(int).

Items_xx -- Contains itemid:name pairs for outputting item names in the correct language.

Items -- contains item_id indexed dictionary of thumbnail url, item count, rarity, vendor value, type, and if the item is discovered.


Update recipes:

Run and when it finished you will have updated recipes for

Setup guide output:

If you want to upload the guides to AWS, create a file with the variables amakey and amasec. Both variables should be strings.

If you want to output the guides locally, rather than uploading, open and comment out this line:

from output_aws import write_file		# For uploading files to AWS

and uncomment this line:

#from output_local import write_file	# For writing files to disk

If you want to upload the guides via FTP, comment out the same AWS line in, and uncomment this line:

#from output_ftp import write_file		# For uploading files via FTP

Additionally, create a file with the variables ftp_url, ftp_user, and ftp_pass. All 3 variables should be strings.

Generate guides:

Run, this step is much faster if you use pypy, and it will generate your guides.


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