ATtiny2313 Development Board with Quad Motor Control capability and Serial/RS485 Interface ports.The board can be used for learning about ATtiny2313 or for building 4 wheel drive robots
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ATtiny2313 Development Board with Quad Motor Control and Serial/RS485 Interface

ATtiny2313 Quad Motor Controller Development Board is an easy to use ATtiny2313 development board with built in Motor controller and RS485 communication features.It is aimed mainly at robotics enthusiasts who wants to build their own robot.This repo contains Circuit Diagram,Sourcecodes and other documentation related to ATtiny2313 Quad Motor Controller Board.

The board contains an 20 Pin ATtiny2313 Microcontroller which is interfaced to two L293D Motor controller Chips and a MAX485 chip.The motors on the Board can be controlled either through Serial or RS485 interface

Source Codes

  • All the codes are written in embedded C and compiled using AVR GCC (WinAVR).
  • The Makefiles required for compiling the source are also provided in each respective folder.
  • The Programmer used is "avrisp".
  • Please change the COM port number in the MakeFile before compiling.

Repository Contents