Cross platform RS485 communication between a x86 PC and Micro controller using C#
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Cross Platform RS485 communication between Microcontroller and PC

Code in this repository can be used for communication between a Windows /Linux PC with a microcontroller through RS485 network.The code can be used to control devices like Relays,Motors,Robots etc from your PC through RS485 protocol.

Full Tutorial is available online here

The code is written in C# and is compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition and Sharpdevelop on Windows Operating System.The code runs on dot net framework on Windows.

On Linux The same code runs on Mono Framework and is compiled using mcs (Mono C# compiler).

On the PC side a USB to RS485 converter is used to convert the USB signals to RS485 protocol.

The converter used in the tutorial can be brought online here .

On the device end, a MSP430 Launchpad along with a MAX485 chip is used to decode the RS485 protocol and take appropriate action.

You can also use MSP430 Motor control Booster Pack (RobotShield V1.0) for decoding RS485 Signals.

The Booster Pack is available online here.

The embedded System side code is written in Embedded C and compiled using IAR embedded workbench for MSP430

ScreenShots (Windows)

ScreenShots (Linux)

Full Tutorial is available online here