MSP430 Microcontroller part libraries for Kicad EDA
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#MSP430 Microcontroller part libraries for Kicad EDA

A Collection of Kicad Part libraries for 16 bit MSP430 Microcontroller from Texas Instruments. Most parts are in SMD format and some in DIP package.

The schematic part libraries are available for

  • MSP430F1xxx family members like MSP430F1610,MSP430F1611 and MSP430F1612
  • MSP430F54xx Family members like MSP430F5436,MSP430F5438,MSP430F5310 etc
  • MSP430G2xx3 Family Members like MSP430G2553.

- **MSP430F1610-F1611-F1612.lib** - Contains Schematic part for MSP430F1610,MSP430F1611 and MSP430F1612 - 64 pin LQFP Package - SMD
  • MSP430F5310.lib

    • Contains Schematic part for MSP430F5310
    • 48 pin LQFP Package
    • SMD
  • MSP430F5435-F5437-F5418IPN-80PIN.lib

    • Contains Schematic part for MSP430F5435,MSP430F5437 and MSP430F5418
    • 80 pin LQFP Package
    • SMD
  • MSP430F5436-F5438-F5419IPZ-100PIN.lib

    • Contains Schematic part for MSP430F5436,MSP430F5438 and MSP430F5419
    • 100 pin LQFP Package
    • SMD
  • MSP430G2553-DIP-20.lib

    • Contains Schematic part for MSP430G2553
    • 20 pin DIP Package
    • Through Hole Part
  • MSP430G2553-TSSOP-28.lib

    • Contains Schematic part for MSP430G2553
    • 28 pin TSSOP Package
    • SMD

If you are New to MSP430 you can check our Tutorials here.