Programming the Serial port on Linux in C using termios API
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Programming the Serial port on a Linux System using C and termios API

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Code for programming the serial port on a Linux System using **ANSI C** and **Terminos API**. The codes can be used for transmitting and receiving data from an x86 Linux PC and a Microcontroller deevelopment board through 3 wire Serial Link or RS232 Port.

###You can find the original Tutorial here

Screenshot of the serial port programming code running on Linux


  • PC side is written in ANSI C using Terminos API to Communicate with the Serial Port.
  • Transmission and Reception are kept seperate in different C files so that user can easily understand the mechanisms involved.
  • PC communicates with MSP430 microcontroller using a 3 wire serial Link (RX,TX,GND).Refer Tutorial for Circuit
  • The Microcontroller and PC are connected in null modem configuration using 3 signals (TX,RX and Ground).
  • Code will Work With Standard RS232 Serial ports or any USB to Serial Converter.
  • Microcontroller side code is written in Embedded C and can be Compiled using Code Composer Studio for MSP430.
  • The Hardware used is MSP430G2553 on Launch pad development board.

##Code Explanation

  • serial.c - A simple C file which opens a connection to Linux Serial Port and closes it.

  • USB2SERIAL_Read - Serial Reception Program which runs on the Linux PC and receives data from the MSP430 Microcontroller.The Received Data is then displayed on Console Window.

  • USB2SERIAL_Write - Serial Transmission which runs on the Linux PC and Transmits a charcter to the MSP430 Microcontroller.The MSP430 on Receiving the Character lights up an LED on the Launchpad Development board.


##Hardware used