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Novatel MiFi 2200 - Status Panel

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Novatel MiFi 2200 Status Panel

This only works for Wifi mode, not modem mode.

Any computer connected to your MiFi can use this
status panel tool, no web admin authentication
is needed.

This has only been tested on Gnome + ubuntu
Please email me if you have issues!

xantus a.t xantus d.o.t org

You need perl modules:
sudo cpan ExtUtils::PkgConfig ExtUtils::Depends AnyEvent::HTTP EV Gtk2::TrayIcon Gtk2 Glib::EV Time::Duration

And an activated MiFi of course.

Optional: Install the libnotify-bin package for notificaitons

wget is also needed to download the resource images

The default ip for the MiFi is, if yours isn't
then edit $ip in

For now, just manuall start it in a terminal

On first run, the icons for the status bar will be
downloaded from your MiFi and placed into images/
relative to the binary

I will come up with some sort of wifi connection trigger later!
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